Nifty Shades of Grey

Colour is life - life should be colourful!

Just once in a while, though, do you ever pick up an old black and white photograph, watch a film noir, see someone dressed in sombre tones or observe an interior in subtle shades and say to yourself ' what beauty, what atmosphere, what class, what style"? I do. That's why I paint in these monochromatic tones (not exclusively but usually). It's not that I dislike colour. Far from it. I love colour in all its forms. It's just that in shades of grey, I can convey atmosphere, highlight textures, create form and deliver mood,

I think they are rather nifty. I just hope you do too.
I am an arts graduate and specialist in graphic design. I have worked in publishing, advertising and all fields of marketing and promotions. All throughout this time I have continued to illustrate, draw and paint, both privately and commercially and I also gain great pleasure from being a drawing and painting tutor in adult education circles.

AS you will see from my galleries, my subjects vary depending on purpose or commission requirements but my personal leaning towards the architecture of my home city in recent years is a way of recording this beautiful place in different ways and viewing it from angles far removed from the traditional tourist norm.